The Night Ends

After they entered into the man’s house, a gentle female voice sounded from deeper in the building. “Scipet? Are you back? How was your day in work?”

“So his name was Scipet? I really should have asked his name while we were walking here” Servaustus thought to himself.

“Mati? Where are you?” Scipet said. A laugh was heard coming from their left. “Hehe, I’m in the kitchen. I’m still cooking and I was just about to-” Mati came out of the kitchen and stopped what she was saying, having noticed they were not alone in their house. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know we had company. Are you Scipet’s friend?” she asked. Servaustus moved his head back a bit, surprised he was called a friend. He has not been called that for a long time even with Vöx and it felt strange especially since he travelled alone most of the time.

Servaustus answered her while removing his leather boots. “I’m an acquaintance of Scipet’s. I…He invited me when I helped him out when we were working together. Sorry for the intrusion”. She was about to answer when she seemed to be reminded of something and she quickly exited the room. Servaustus looked back at Scipet and asked him an important question. “She doesn’t know, does she? That you took such a…. dangerous job for once.” Scipet looked down in shame, unable to handle the stare from the man he had just attempted to murder a few hours ago. “I don’t blame you for what you did. You probably didn’t know you were going to kill somebody. You have your reasons. Just make sure that those reasons are the right reasons. Like your wife. And the baby you’re about to have.”

Scipet immediately looked at Servaustus in shock of what he had just heard. The disbelieve showed on his face and he voiced it as well. “How did you know?” he asked. Servaustus was use to people not believing what he said. Time would always prove him right. He was good at noticing things. Which is why he being such an adept fighter as well. “Your wife is taking very short breaths and let me ask you, is she sleeping the usual amount of time?” he asked the confused man. Scipet nodded.

“She still looks tired despite sleeping the usual amount of time.”. Another nod confirmed what Servaustus said.

“Also, she has a slight swell on her abdomen. I don’t know if she just looked like that or was it something else but it’s just a guess. Give it a few more weeks. Hey! Where are y-” Servaustus stopped midsentence as Scipet ran into the room Mati was. He heard the couple talking and then he heard laughter from, what he presumed was, the kitchen.

Mati and Scipet was entering the room and Mati was laughing while they were doing so. “Scipet told me your name is Servaustus. Such an interesting name. Here, you shouldn’t be just standing there, come in. We have enough for all of us so will you be having dinner with us?” the young woman asked.

Servaustus looked at the couple. They looked happy. Content with each other. Scipet was a good man at heart. He had only made a mistake at a moment of weakness and distraught. “Unfortunately, I cannot stay. Tomorrow’s work calls for me and I was only meant to escort Scipet to his home. These streets are dangerous when walking alone.” He answered the kind woman.

“Are you sure you cannot stay? We do not mind. You are after all our guest,” she said to him. Scipet nodded to Servaustus in a way to confirm what his wife had said. Before he could decline her, she walked back into the kitchen and when she returned she was holding a small box in her hand, ready to hand it to Servaustus. “Well, if you must decline at least accept this. It is nearly Vánoce and I would hate you to be alone at this time.”

Servaustus was taken back while accpeting the gift. He had not noticed that it was Vánoce. He could not believe it. He shook his head to express to turn her down. “No, I am afraid I cannot stay for too long. I still have ways to travel. However, I would like a few words with Scipet if you do not mind. It involves tomorrow’s work.”

She nodded, turned to her husband and kissed his cheek before walking away. Scipet turned from his wife to Servaustus, turning from smiling at his wife to a face of dread when turning around to Servaustus. Servaustus swiped that look of dread from his face when he began talking, “don’t worry. You are not in trouble. We still have that gang that hired you to kill me. Knowing you have failed they will probably kill you and your wife. I will deal with that. Just a few more things before I leave. Firstly, I don’t want to hear you doing anything criminally, am I understood?”

When Scipet nodded, Servaustus continued, “Secondly, there is a small bag on money under your bed.. Don't ask how it's there. Just accept it. It will last you long enough for the next few months. Go find an honest job and take care your growing family. Love them. And talk with her when something is on your mind.”

Scipet had his mouth gaped, looking as if he was trying to engulf an entire apple. Before he could begin questioning anything Servaustus kept talking. “Lastly, in the future, I may need your help. Nothing dangerous, just need somewhere to stay. I will not be a threat to your family.”

Scipet looked down and was deep in thought. “Thank you. For everything you have done for me. And I am so sorry for trying to kill you. It’s unforgivable but know this. You will have somewhere safe to be if you need it. You can count on me. I owe my life to you.”

Servaustus had already started putting his boots on when Scipet was talking. He did not know why he took them off to begin with. He just did it out of habit. When Scipet finished saying what he was saying, Servaustus threw his cloak into the air and it weaved around him.


Servaustus looked at the empty street. He had a long night to find his other killers and then he had to…deal with them as well. He began calling for Vöx. H should have the location of their base by now. Hopefully. It was the end of the night.

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