The Lord of the Forests

Vöx was Servaustus’s companion, not something that is common in this world although he knew there were others like him, he never met them. He had met Vöx when he lifted his scythe in an ancient temple. In the world of Vöx, accordingly to him, whoever was able to lift that weapon would have to be accompanied by the fox-like animal as the wielders companion. At first, Servaustus had tried to distance himself from his forced “friend” but after a few years of questing and travelling together.

Servaustus still remember the quest that he truly began their genuine friendship. Although he failed in the end, he never really cared about his follower and never noticed its presence. Fortunately, during a quest Servaustus received serious wounds and crawled into a cave. Just before losing consciousness, the last thing that his mind was able to comprehend was a dark red blur moving closer towards.

When his mind was finally awakening, he noticed that he was warm and that his face was being pricked at. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Vöx had curled up around him, completely surrounding him yet feeling more like a caring hug from the animal. He was also much larger, clearly after growing overnight. Or whatever amount of time he had been unconsciousness.

As Servaustus started crouching over, although they were caked in dried up blood, he noticed that he had scars over where his heavy injuries should have been. “I did my best to heal your wounds. I am not adept to healing magic since I am the Lord of…well, in your world, Lord of Volpes, I do not have the talents” the fox said.

Servaustus was confused. Lord of Volpes? He became more intrigued of his healer and this must have shown on his face as the animal began answering his unspoken questions. “I am part of a council of…certain beings. In this world, we are called Lords of the Forest. You may call me Vöx, Volpes or Ilit. I have many names but I prefer these titles. Anyway, each Lord governs certain aspects of life but usually focuses on only one aspect and will therefore gain its appropriate type of magic and its knowledge. As the Lord of Volpes, I have more knowledge in the elemental blocks of magic and can control these blocks easily.”

Again, Servaustus was confused by what the so-called Lord said. Vöx, Volpes, Ilit and blocks of magic? “How come I never read any of this?” he asked the mysterious creature.

“There are several reasons. There are no more than a few hundred Lords scattered in this…world. We also take different forms and our form depends on which world we are in. Another is that only a handful are like myself who has decided to focus on this world in this era. Right now, your world is heading towards uncontrollable chaos. Not metaphorically. The residing Lords of the Forests have noticed changes in this world balance. A decade ago, someone has begun unbalance the magic in this world and death and darkness is beginning to…outweigh life and light. We have therefore decided to step into the world of mortals and choose certain mortals to help us. And you are my chosen hero”

Servaustus retorted the Lord immediately. “I am not a hero and I will never be one. I’ve already told you when I found that scythe.” He then started thinking of what the being had just explained to him. “Wait, you said a decade ago was when you noticed the changes?”

Previously, the Lord had been watching the mortals’ reaction but now its gaze showed the increase of interest. “Yes, that is indeed what I said. And I have not chosen the wrong person. Only a few mortals would be able to lift that weapon and only one could use it as efficient as you. And before you begin asking more questions, we should continue your mission. After a few more days, your contract will be void and since you are still slightly injured, you will take longer to arrive there. Like I said, I was only able to heal your most severe wounds”

After finishing the quest, Servaustus began learning from his companion of the workings of, accordingly to the creature, this world. Just like a few nights ago, he would ask the Lord for advise on magic and how to call for certain skills. On other nights, he would call for it if he was expecting more trouble than he could handle. Nights like this.

Vöx had appeared just in time as the horrifying monster seemed to ready itself to leap towards Servaustus. Almost immediately after seeing Vöx, it seemed to try to flee but the Lord somehow knew this was the case and had already began chanting something in an unknown language. Just before the creature was about to vanish into an alleyway, it fell onto the ground screeching into the night while clawing the air as if fighting off something constraining it. It disappeared after a final and long scream and a few specks of light flew into the night where the hybrid disappeared.

With the threat gone, Servaustus looked at the man that had attempted to attack him. “We should leave this place while there are no more Ammits” the Lord said as it walked towards Servaustus. “There are more?” the man asked, his face paling at the thought.

“There can be. Is there somewhere close that you would think is safe?” Servaustus asked. The man nodded and reluctantly began escorting them. As they started following the once attacker, Vöx stayed behind. “Can we trust him? He did just attack you” it said.

Servaustus looked back at his companion. He was not sure anymore. He was not sure of anything anymore. Ammits do not just appear out of nowhere. They could only be summoned. Someone wanted him dead. And Servaustus might just know who it was. Might.


He followed the man with caution as if a pair eyes were following him into the night.

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