The Judges

Servaustus took two hours after midnight before he found his attempted murders. Well, two hours after my midnight according to my watch. I don’t know if the hours are different from my own world. The days felt shorter but that might be just because I noticed everything happening around me. My first day here was even worse. I met what I could only call as bandits. They wanted my possessions but before they could somebody had stopped them. Somebody in a grey hood and cloak. The cloak had a symbol on it, a symbol I have never seen before.

Anyhow, Servaustus did eventually find who he wanted to. And I was following him when he had decided to just walk in and do what he wanted. And he didn’t do much other then cut into the bodies that were throwing themselves at him, attempting to take him down. Most of them were breathing when I passed them but I did see that Servaustus had killed a few. Either slitting their throats or just giving severe wounds. I must admit it though, he fought gracefully and was a force of death. I hadn’t seen anything like that on Earth.

I was frightened by what he had done. Killing somebody…just wasn’t something I would just normally see. It was taking life despite who or what the person was. But I wasn’t on Earth. This was a different world with different rules in a different time. I wasn’t a being in this world. I was an outsider.

I looked around Servaustus and I noticed that Kitsune wasn’t around him. I thought it was weird since an Ammit had just appeared several hours ago. Then again, Servaustus didn’t seem to need any help, especially since he was just against humans. They posed no threat to him but they did have the numbers. Something was off though. If there were this many bandits, why did they only send 3 actual bandits and a last minute hire? Did they underestimate Servaustus?

Servaustus had finished the last bandit and was walking towards the biggest tent in the camp. Just like in our world, the biggest belongs to the meanest.

I looked at the tent from afar but thanks to this worlds rules, I could use my magic. Well, I had to look it up in my journal but I still had magic with me. With a few sigils on the dirt and a few incantations, I could see the inside of the tent. And I couldn’t believe the blood all over the tent. It wasn’t fully covered but…it was a mess. An arm was lying on the floor and a battle-axe, the same size as me, was next to the lonely arm. A body, missing an arm was lying on a wooden chest. I found who owned the severed arm. The tent was slashed several times around itself and Servaustus was standing in the middle of all this carnage. He was the source of all this chaos. It looked like the fight was fierce and vicious, like two animals pitted against each other.

And then Lectus faced him. Oh, Lectus.

Servaustus didn’t recognise him though. From what I could see, Lectus was wearing a mask. The mask that I had drawn when I was younger.

“Servaustus, you’ve done well in your trial.” Lectus said. He had a deeper voice than I imagined. He was taller than Servaustus as well but Servaustus wasn’t that tall to begin with. “Who are you? Were you the one that sent these bandits after me?” Servaustus questioned Lectus. If only Servaustus knew who was really standing in front of him.

“I am indeed. I wanted to test how strong you’ve become. I’ve been watching you for a long time.  I was the one that told them that you were an easy job. Which was why they had only sent a small team after you. Don’t worry, they were all bandits anyway. But congratulations, you’ve passed. You’ll hear from me much later.”

“WAIT! Give me answers! What do you mean by a trial? And who the hell are you?” Servaustus was yelling at his mysterious judge. He was frustrated as I could see from my magical window. I could see it in his actions. Like any angry person, his hands were curled up, ready to lay his fist on some unfortunate fool. He had a snarl while he was talking as well. “Damn it to the LORDS!”.

His frustration reminded me when I entered to this mystifying world with its extraordinary rules. Rules that I have been exploiting for my amusement.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to explain what you asked but I won’t be able to explain everything you ask.” I said to Servaustus. I had walked towards the camp and had waited for Lectus to leave before I approached Servaustus. I didn’t want Lectus to know I was…a judge for Servaustus as well. Needless to say, Servaustus was surprised to hear another voice. And with his surprise, he nearly removed my head from my shoulders with his drawn scythe. Thankfully I knew this might’ve happened so I had my cloak protection around myself. I was happy to know that it worked.

“Now who are you?” Servaustus asked, removing his weapon from my neck area. He looked a lot different than I remembered. I mean, different than what I had described him in my story. He had large eyes. His large brown iris almost dominated his eyes. They were also very dark as if he had only darkness as his eyes. His eyes had also matched his hair. He wore it long to his shoulders but in a very weird style. He had two thick bangs split across his forehead, with an even thicker ponytail covering the back of his neck. He was sorta handsome in a way.

“I’m…. Rumon. Rumon Bok. I’m a traveller from somewhere far away. I’m… an acquaintance of yours and I can help you a bit.” That wasn’t really my name but he didn’t need to know that. I didn’t belong here even if I wanted to. I shouldn’t even be here. But here I was, in the end.

I continued, careful with my words. If I revealed too much, things might be different than I remembered. “The man you met previously was Maridus. He’s not your friend. Trust me when I say that. He is the evil at work that Vöx and the rest of the Lords are detecting.”

“Detecting?” he asked.  I sighed. “Right, I forgot. Different dialect in a different world.” I thought to myself.

“Eh…finding. That’s the word. Anyhow, you can’t stop him alone. You’ll need to find a few...” I was looking for the right words. “Allies? Friends? I don’t know what you will call them in the end but what you really need to know is that it’s life-threatening to the world if you don’t find them.”

Servaustus was clearly confused. This was going to take a long time to explain. Was I as confused when I entered this world? “Come on, follow me. I’ll explain as we walk to town.”

Servaustus didn’t follow me and I noticed this after a few paces ahead of him. “I am not your enemy. I am just your judge and an observer. I won’t hurt you. So you can either follow me or let the world be destroyed because you won’t listen to me.”

He followed me in the end and we both left the destruction that he created behind us.


I felt better, for some reason, after leaving the bandits camp.

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  1. iamscared

    I think each part will become longer from now on. I’m starting to feel more confident in my writing. Thanks for all the support!

    February 12, 2017