Misery... ~ Inspired by Josephine Angelini


She walks upon the dry lands.

     Alone and afraid...slowly losing faith.

She seeks for his shadow in the distance...

     but his angelic face is vague.

Craving for the taste of his lips...is her plague.

     She walks along the endless concoction of bloody waves...

leaving a trail of bloody footprints.

     Never reaching the end...

Wandering through hell,

     sufficating on its oxygen.

All she did was love him

     but loving him was a sin.

Hades was unchanging, unbearable.

The more she stayed the more she died.

     Walking for all eternity...

                It was a meadow of misery...

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  1. ThruMyEyes

    oooh!!! i luvs

    March 07, 2016
    1. giirluncovered

      March 11, 2016
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