Lonely girl

Hey lonely girl.                                                                 I am a lonely girl.

It's that hour again.                                                          It's that hour again.

When you're all alone.                                                       I'm so alone.                 

Only your thoughts to keep.                                               My thoughts torment.



Hey sad girl.                                                                      I am a sad girl.

Where are they now?                                                          They've left me.

The people who claim to care?                                             Oh how they lie.

That said they would always be there?                                  They were never there.



Hey dark girl.                                                                       I am a dark girl.

Your mind is taking a turn.                                                    Listening to my mind.

You're thinking of ending it.                                                   Close to giving in.

I taste the darkness inside you.                                              Take this darkness from me.



Hey you.                                                                                Who me?

Yes you.                                                                                 What do you know?

The girl with anxiety.                                                               What of it?

I know you're drowning.                                                          But yet you do nothing.




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Comments (5)

  1. depressedgirl

    I want you to know, I see you. I know you feel alone. I am here. I will not go away. As long as I have internet use I will be here. Let’s talk. What a beautiful yearning poem. I love it.

    July 15, 2017
  2. Helikaon

    Do you swim? Do you take an interest in boxing? If so who is your favourite boxer right now?

    July 16, 2017
  3. hope141726

    this is wonderful,i know i you feel i use to be like this is till am am lost and lonley and i wish it could all stop but i keep holding on so that i can say i beat the darkness inside of me if you wanna talk hit me up

    July 17, 2017
    1. lostbroken25

      Thank you, it is a struggle to keep it from taking over and sinking me in a pit of dark despair. But we are survivors, we keep going despite everything else. I feel you, I see you. Thank you.

      July 18, 2017
  4. cringyroberts

    “The people who claim to care”. I once had those people. Every single piece of shit left me. Because “my depression is too heavy for them”. The most painful thing is when people ask you to trust them and then backstab you after sometime. Cool, right?

    August 08, 2017