A mythical creature

I had kinda wanted to do this for a long time. This may or may not belong to the world of Servaustus's world but I haven't decided yet. It was actually a challenge, a "tell me a story about this" from a site I frequent in.

So, enjoy!


It was a massive beast that reached into the sky. It's legs had the strength to create craters with a single step. And they were no small craters when made.  It's neck, when elongated, let it's covered head reach the peak of any mountain. The monster's tail loomed over the forest behind it and when the behemoth waved it across the plains, a strong gale would follow it. The wind created was strong enough to lift even the deepest roots of any tree. But this was not what the monster wanted. The monster always tried it's best when it stepped its foot down, to not change the envoirment too much. It was a kind-hearted monster.

The large city on its back was proof of its gentleness. It wasn't just because of its mountain size but also because it knew the tremor by walking would cause chaos. Fortunately for the citzens, the buildings were made by white slabs of stone that was strong and durable. Its properties, such as the weather resistance and lightness, were a mystery to the city's scientist. The myth was that the material was brought by the towering beast centuries ago.Other rumours included the beast's age and how it has survived since the beginning of life itself.

Just like any of these legendary and worldly monsters, it had its own followers. Many of the monster's citzens were followers but some, who did not orignate from the city, would question the followers motives. Outsiders always have. The cult (it does feel like a cult) had its obvious leader. But the leader was not chosen by the followers. No, the leader was chosen by the titan itself. When the leader is born, a binding sigil would appear from the baby's chest. Any parent would be proud of being chosen. Be it a brother or a sister of the citzens, the baby would grow into a mighty warrior.

The new warrior would learn its responsibilities and powers from the previous chosen one. At the ripe age of 21 winters, the chosen one will fully embrace the position of the protector. A ritual, at the 7th month of the 21st winter of the warrior, happens at the centre of the city. It involves the predecessor entrusts the two swords that every warrior wields. The bigger sword was called Patu and its brother was called Kappan. After the ritual, the fresh defender would be finally be able to access his/her powers. The power to control an ethereal giant that encased the summoner. The summoned giant is the will of the protector infused by the magic of the gigantic beast

Although not always, the mountainous beast would need the help of its protector sometimes. Despite it's kindness, there were beings that would wish harm and the destruction of its city and of itself. Legends told of when giants would plunder the lands, where dragons would scorch the skies and where mortals would threaten the city with desecration. The first warrior was chosen for the monster's first threat to itself. A giant had wanted to kill the monster but in the end, it would end in the death of itself. The battle between the giant and the collossus leviathen's champion caused ravines to be formed and made hills from mountains.

The fate of the giant was one of death. Its corpse, reduced to a skeleton by nature and its children, littered on the side of a mountain. With its sword going through its chest. The champion had to protect the monster from any threats.

Even if they don't want to kill. It is just their duty to do so.

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