open door.

if you could open one door, what door would you seek to open?


Teardrops I shed teardrops today, I felt it hit your cheek, It caught my teardrop so gently,You just wiped it away, as if it didn't mean a thing. Then suddenly I realized, If you didn't care about my tears,you dont care about me or my feelings.

Path Of Life

[FONT="Fixedsys"][/FONT] [B][/B] Path Of life The path of life, I need to explore every bend in lif's curves. I will enjoy life desires,as I go along my way down this lifes path. I will find comfort in my friends,to share sad moments with and when...

make a story

OK, so theres this rat, a weasle, and a cockroach. There all getting ready for the big day, the day they finally 1 up the humans. The rats built a fake nest in the humans cubbord. The weasle, he's bit off all the heads on the little girls Barbi's. And...