The Beautiful Loner boy

There was a young man who stood alone in a corner. To this reality he is invisible. That boy felt as if he does not matter. His insanity was quite inedible, even questionable. This seems not to bother him as for he does not care, he is content. As he...


i love you. i hate you. i need you. i want you. i miss you. i trust you.  Words have power. i loved you. i hated you. i needed you. i wanted you. i trusted you.   And power has consequences. 


                                 i was his power-up, the ace up his sleeve. i was the beginning and he was the end.                                And together we were everything.


Don't ever say that you're not brave enough. 'Cause you are braver than you think. How? You ask. Just keep this in mind...If you can wake up every morning to face the same demons everyday...How are you not brave? 'Cause Luv, that's brave.

don't understand...

i hate that i don't understand her selflessness for people.  Then again...she doesn't understand my selfishness for her.