i really like writing horror and murder stories and just seriel killers, is anyone else like that? also is there some group or something that has horror or ghosts, ive tried looking but it takes hours to find anything in the directory

i posted a poem

its on my blog, i was hoping someone might ctique or opionon given please, its called kept everything in

book ideas

I have always been interested and pretty good at writing. It was my favorite class in school, and reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I have written stories for my kids and even submitted one children's book to a publisher, but found out that it is...

help with a character

ok i have a character, he has an alcholic mother and abusive father, but he takes respnoibility of the house, but he also has anger management probelmns, i  want him to have a tattoo, and i dont know of what or were any ideas?

Sexy Tuesday, early

She should be afraid of him; she knows this, but can't feel it over her desire for him. He stares at her, makes her see him; she sees none but him, wants nothing but him, his skin on hers, his mouth on her body. He smiles as if he can read her lurid...