New (bizarre) news story

The deal is to add on to this and make as bizarre and outlandish a "news" story as we can conjure up. Get your creative thinking caps on and get bus - BUT - Lets keep it clean (ish). I'll start........... ** BREAKING NEWS ** CNN have just announced...


I'm tired, All I want to do is cry. Its almost like death She is gone. Still breathing, but gone. I want to scream! Scream until she understands The love she has abandoned. She is gone. Still breathing, but gone. Just like death, I will mourn. I will...

to be American

i just have a question to u all...what does it really mean to be american to you?and like how does it feel to live in America?

To kill a rockingchair

Eyes of bluey mist often watch people when they sleep. ever creeping closer night by night until the bluey eyes capture their prey. Taking them to their chambers of misty elegance. Stolen away never to return, never wanting to return. Sounds of rain...


>>Here is one of my poems called emotions...i wrote is last months and...and its shows something about ...and hope u will like it ...and reply me did u liked it or not.... Emotions In life we experience so many feelings some happy...

Write a poem

Write a poem, jingle, or rhyme. Can be short and sweet or however long you want.

open door.

if you could open one door, what door would you seek to open?


Teardrops I shed teardrops today, I felt it hit your cheek, It caught my teardrop so gently,You just wiped it away, as if it didn't mean a thing. Then suddenly I realized, If you didn't care about my tears,you dont care about me or my feelings.

Path Of Life

[FONT="Fixedsys"][/FONT] [B][/B] Path Of life The path of life, I need to explore every bend in lif's curves. I will enjoy life desires,as I go along my way down this lifes path. I will find comfort in my friends,to share sad moments with and when...

make a story

OK, so theres this rat, a weasle, and a cockroach. There all getting ready for the big day, the day they finally 1 up the humans. The rats built a fake nest in the humans cubbord. The weasle, he's bit off all the heads on the little girls Barbi's. And...